It ain't a "soft drink" if you're drinking it in the Midwest. We throw back a "POP" when we want carbonated refreshment, and Midwest Pizza Company stocks some favorites:

Vernors is the longest selling ginger ale in the United States, originating at a Detroit soda stand in 1866. Three years of aging in oak casks gives Vernor's a spicy and sweet taste that's "deliciously different".

‚ÄčFaygo is a Midwest favorite offering a variety of flavors like the classic "Rock & Rye" and a Root Beer that was judged America's best by Bon Appetit Magazine. Pretty fancy praise for a Midwesterner, but we'll take it. 

Randall Sprecher jumped ship from his brewing supervisor gig at PBR to form Sprecher Sodas in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1985. He applies Micro-brew craft to his grape, cream soda, root beer and other flavors. Details magazine and the New York Times have both recognized Sprecher as outstanding.

Midwest Pizza Company also offers a variety of your other favorite drinks. And if you're thirsty for an adult beverage, you can take your meal over to "Prost!". Buy a cold one from them and you can eat your pizza or Chicago dog on the patio or in the restaurant.

The reviews are in...

Woody Hayes - "Vernors. The only thing from Michigan that DOESN'T SUCK!"

Aretha Franklin - R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that's what Faygo get's from me. 

Chris Farley - I like to drink a Sprecher... IN MY VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!